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Ask Blake Lively to Support Shark Conservation!

For years Hollywood has portrayed sharks as demonic, ruthless killers with no other purpose in life but to eat a human. Thanks to movies such as Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, and most recently, The Shallows, great whites have been given such a reputation that people have a false sense of danger. Remember, there is a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than getting attacked by a shark. And that being said there is a zero percent of actually meeting a shark as aggressive as Jaws.

It is why this month we at Sharkbytes are asking people to sign the following petition on Care2. It only needs 650 more signatures out of the 45,000 goal. Please sign today!

Ask Blake Lively to Support Shark Conservation!

Blake Lively is starring in the new movie, The Shallows, as a surfer fighting for her life against sharks. In reality, we pose a greater danger to sharks than they do to us. Blake Lively is responsible for perpetuating the false belief that sharks should be hunted and not helped. According to National Geographic, for every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks! Humans are over fishing the oceans, and destroying marine habitats. Shark finning is a common practice, where people cut off the fins of sharks to be sold and eaten, and then toss the living remains of the shark back in the water to die. As a result, many species of sharks are endangered. Sharks are a key part of the ocean ecosystem. Their extinction would result in a total imbalance in the ocean habitat.

We are asking Blake Lively to donate just 1% of her movie salary to Shark Conservation. Sign this petition to get Blake Lively's attention, and to make the movie, The Shallows, stand for something good.

It only needs 650 more signatures out of the 45,000 goal. Please sign today!

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