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Shark in the Park 2017!

Between trade shows, festivals and shark incidents, summer is a busy time for Sharkbytes. If you have visited us at one of the numerous shows we attend, you would have seen part of what encompasses what we do: T-shirts to help raise money, educational banners, the booth itself filled with educational shark material. Being that our app is free, we have depended heavily on donations and shirt sales in the past to fund what we do. Well up until now that is.

For the first time ever we are hosting a trail run to help fund our mission of raising shark awareness. The first annual Shark in the Park 5/10k will be held at Mendon Ponds Park in Honeoye, New York. There will be various prizes for each age and gender groups in addition to ice cream from Shark’s at the finish line.

We would like to thank Sharks Ice Cream, Proietties, Wegmans (to name a few) for their generous corporate donations. Their financial contributions will help fund our mission to raise awareness of the critical state our shark population is in.

Up to 100 million sharks are killed a year. Considering some shark species do not reach maturity until the age of 20, coupled with the small size of their litters, they cannot keep up with that rate of depopulation. In soliciting for donations I have heard comments like “sharks can take care of themselves” or in response to startling depopulation numbers, “good it’ll make the beaches safer.” It is those false perspectives we aim to change. Remove sharks from the oceans and it will change the world’s ecosystem both above and below the sea level. And it won’t be a change for the better.

Sharkbytes does not stand alone in trying to save sharks. There are hundreds of organizations that work toward this worthy cause. It is our hope that people join us in our fight for the shark on July 23rd. Our goal is that Shark in the Park will become a staple in the community that aims to better our world by saving the shark. Be a part of something great and come run with us!

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