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Sharkbytes, Inc is a non-profit 501 (c)3 who aims to educate the public on the importance of the almighty shark.


We are dedicated to conservation efforts and to helping people beach safely. Ultimately our aim is to defuse the public's misconceptions of these beautiful creatures and educate them on the vital role sharks play in our ecosystem.

The ability for us to function depends heavily on donations from people who care. Every little bit helps and for a $20.00 donation we will send you a cool stuffed shark or SharkBytes T-shirt.  For donations of $30.00 or more we will send you both. Currently we have our red T-shirts in stock!  Detailed information about different colored shirts coming soon!

Get involved with something great by donating today. 

Stuffed Shark white.jpg

Sharks are also now available for purchase on Ebay! Simply click the shark above.


Complete the info below for your shirt, shark or both. Then hit send and then move onto the donate button.

Order received! Continue onto the donation page.

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