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Kudos to Georgia Aquarium for their exhaustive efforts to educate the public on the importance of sharks in our environment. According to an article published in Atlanta-Journal Constitution (AJC), Georgia Aquarium reveals its new shark experience today!

Several years ago the project got underway with its main goal of educating people not only on the importance of these majestic creatures, but also to diffuse the popular understanding that they are bad or dangerous. In an interview with AJC Chis Coco, Georgia Aquarium’s senior director of fish and invertebrates, expressed the focus of the project.

“Sharks as a group of animals are underappreciated by our guests and the public in general. We want to demonstrate how interesting they are. The elegance and diversity of sharks is pretty special to us. … We have to get past that ‘attack’ impression of sharks and instill in our guests what these guys are. They’re important to the ecosystem and keep it in balance. They are under great attack by humans for harvesting and the shark finning business, and the reality is that the sharks are truly the victims.”

The exhibit includes a dive cage and wading pool where you are submerged into the world of sharks. As I explored the exhibit on Georgia Aquarium’s website, I felt overjoyed with the efforts this organization has made to aid in the plight of the most important sea animals in the ocean.

Please visit the article for more information and if you’re ever in Georgia, please go get yourself some education! I myself think I’ll make a special trip.

Thank you Georgia Aquarium; we love you!


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